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A Year In Review 2023

When looking back and reflecting on 2023 I can definitely say it has been a bumpy year. Looking back I've noticed I focussed more on finding my own piece of mind to keep my mental health on a good level. This meant being more protective of my own time and not replying to chats dedicated for work.

Next year I will be focussing even more on my personal life. Trying to really enjoy more time on holidays, not being busy with work related stuff and actually decompressing.

Personal projects

Last year I've spend more time working on frontend projects and while I still suck at designing I do enjoy creating personal projects using NextJs. I've also dabbled with a small React Native app which I really enjoyed doing. I have also finished multiple LinkedIn courses with the focus on leadership and management which I hope to put in practice next year.

And I have been focussing on using Laravel Filament just to fully enjoy working on some personal projects.

Reflection on 2022 goals

My goals for this year where the following:

  1. Gaining more skills to figure out if I want to fully focus on front-end development.
  2. Create some additional projects.
  3. Reading more into engineering management.
  4. Finishing my ElasticSearch course.

I've spend more time working on frontend to know that I do enjoy front-end work when it is focussed on working on the logical component side since design isn't in my skillset. While working on the front-end projects I've also worked own more personal projects which helped keeping my skillset intact.

Having finished the multiple LinkedIn courses focussed on engineering management have helped me reading more into engineering management using blogs. And unfortunately I have not finished my ElasticSearch course and I'm uncertain if I am going to finished it.